As an extension of our already elaborate services, we strive to offer our clients a one stop shop with a personal service at a competitive rate. Our Forwarding Department does exactly that. With an extensive network and an up-to-date market knowledge, we are able to fulfill your every need. The Forwarding Department can be split into three divisions: Freight Management, Total Care Supply Chain, and Special Cargo.

Freight Management

By combining the assets that we have within the Group and with above knowledge, we are able to ensure that our solutions are competitively priced and of high standards. For any transport that does not fit our own assets or lanes, we can always count on one of the many contacts we have within our Network. Besides supplementing our Trailer- and Container department, we operate as an independent unit when it comes to orders that require just that extra bit of attention. This means we can also handle:

Total Care Supply Chain

In addition to above mentioned services, the Forwarding Department is able to offer supply chain solutions. This stands for the process of planning, implementing and controlling the operations of the supply chain as efficient as possible. One contact person for all your requests, who can offer expertise, professionality and a huge array of possibilities to ensure we offer you the best service. This includes:

Special Cargo

As from 2014 CLdN CARGO has its own Projects Department, which specializes in all kinds of oversized or overweight cargo as well as all other special needs shipments, combining our own vessels and terminals with our European network as well as globally. This combination has proven to lead to a synergy of intensive customer service, strong quality of custom transport and competitive pricing. Although we strive to offer anything you might need, we specialize in:

For all your request: /